Fractional Shares

Own a portfolio with global companies and highly valued blue chips from just USD 1.

Complimentary real-time quotes for US stock

Get the latest updates and stay relevant with our market data streaming. NYSE ArcaBook 40 level real-time quotes for US stock.

Smart Investment

Featured Strategies

Covering featured investment strategies through quantitative investments portfolio models & top licensed financial analysts’ opinions for US stocks, Hong Kong stocks and SG stocks. Help users pursue excess earnings and grasp short-term profit trend.

Daily Stock Picks

The chief financial analyst and uSMART research team analyzed nearly 10,000 stocks and will pick 3 top rated stocks every day with high possibility of price increase in the upcoming days. Help users identify high potential stocks.

Along with much more smart features in app.

Learning and Community

Course Learning

Learning to invest has never been easier. Whether you are fresh to investing or a seasoned trader, uSMART has content tailored to your needs.


Connect globally with like-minded individuals to discuss and discover the joy of investing.

Competitive Commission & Products

Access US, HK, SG Market with the most competitive rates.

Multiple products offering – Your one stop investment center.

Innovative Technology

We invest heavily in new technology to empower our clients with the most advanced and powerful features on our trading platform.

Strong Foundations

Influential Investor: Chow Tai Fook Group

Core team members: UBS, Yahoo, BNP paribas, Tencent, Alibaba

Safety of Assets & Funds

uSMART SECURITIES is licensed by The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong, by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) & New Zealand Financial Services Provider(FSP).

uSmart Securities Limited’s securities service is being protected by Investor Compensation Company Limited (ICC) in Hong Kong. Your funds and securities are kept in a segregated custodian account to ensure they do not commingle with other accounts.